389th BG August 1, 1943 Crews and Aircraft
# Squadron AC Serial # ACNickname AC  Pilot AC Fate
1 564 42-40753J Hughes AAhit before target.  Crash Landing after target.  2 POW.  Hughes received Medal of Honor, the remaining crew received the Distinguished Service Cross
2 564 42-40767G The Bad Penney Lighter Mechanical Problems-unable to take off.
3 564 42-40772C Scheherezade Blackis Returned to Benghazi
4 564 42-40773I Fowble Returned to Benghazi
5 564 42-40746B Ole Irish McLaughlin one engine disabled. Returned to Benghazi
6 564 42-40776H Old Blister Wright Returned to Benghazi
7 564 42-40803 Smith Returned to Benghazi
8 565 41-23933Z Sweet Adeline Podolak Diverted to Cypress
9 565 42-40629N Scorpion Caldwell
Lead Ship
(Col. Wood)
Returned to Benghazi
10 565 42-40716R Yours Truly Rodenberg Returned to Benghazi
11 565 42-40744S James Diverted to Turkey
10 interned
12 565 42-40749P Sack Time Braly Returned to Benghazi
13 565 42-40775Y Wolf Wagon Matson Returned to Benghazi
14 565 42-40787V Vagabond King McCormick Diverted to Cypress
15 565 42-40795X The Golden Tolleson Returned to Benghazi
16 566 42-40115A- Boomerang Neef
(Maj. Yeager)
Forced Landing after target.
11 POW
17 566 42-40623I- Westerbeke Diverted to Malta
18 566 42-40706F- Tondelao Whitener Returned to Benghazi
19 566 42-40722B- The Little Gramper Dieterle Returned to Benghazi
20 566 42-40735C- Sand Witch Horton Crash Landing after target. 
9 KIA, 1 POW
21 566 42-40738J- Oklahoman Conroy Diverted to Malta
22 567 42-40544R- Hitler's Hearse Mooney Diverted to Turkey.
Mooney KIA.DSC
9 interned.
23 567 42-40619N- Ward Returned via direct N. route
24 567 42-40733V- Gerrick Returned to Benghazi
25 567 42-40743O- Sisson Returned via direct route
26 567 42-40747S- Selvidge Returned to Benghazi
27 567 42-40751Y- Denton Returned to Benghazi
28 567 42-40782X- Chattanooga ChooChoo O'Reilly Crash Landing after target.
29 567 42-40793H- Blonds Away Nading Diverted to Cyprus
30 567 42-40507U- Spurrier damaged right wing tip. Returned via direct route

98th BG Aircraft with 389th BG Air Crew aboard
1 98th BG 41-11817H Stinger Opsata Returned to Benghazi?
2 98th BG 41-11815G Daisy Mae Ellis Returned to Benghazi
3 98th BG 41-11776O Jersey Jackass McGraw Crash over target.  8KIA, 2POW
4 98th BG 41-11840P The Witch Darlington Crash after target.  6POW, 4KIA
5 98th BG 42-40316X Snake Eyes Blevins Crash Landed at Sicily? 1KIA
6 98th BG 42-40655S Four Eyes Hadock 9 KIA (2 from 389th BG)
7 98th BG 42-40973Z BattleAxe Salyer Returned to Benghazi
8 98th BG 41-11774O Chief Fravega Diverted to Sicily