Lt. Ralph I. Lipper

Ralph Lipper
Sgt. Donald G. Pierce

Don Pierce

This site is about
2 of the 19 B-24 Bomb Groups of the 8th Air Force during the years 1942-1945.
and the role of the

Consolidated B-24 Liberator



  The Mighty 8th Air Force

The Mighty 8th


44th Bomb Group

(Flying 8-balls)

Shipdam, UK

389th Bomb Group

(Sky Scorpions)

Hethel, UK

Flying 8-balls
Sky Scorpions

During World War II, The U.S. Army Air Corps, forerunner of our modern U.S. Air Force, developed into 15 separate "Air Forces". The 8th Air Force, based in England, was responsible for the greater part of direct air assaults on facilities of Nazi Germany's empire.

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